Permanent Makeup

Put back what nature and time have faded by enhancing your natural features with our permanent makeup service. You’ll look younger and more alive with this beautiful enhancement.

Evelyn is a licensed Esthetician and Nail Technician with over 17 years of experience with Permanent Makeup. She has performed Permanent Makeup on more than 350 clients totaling over 1,000 procedures. Evelyn is certified in both Softap™ Hand Method and Machine Method, and has numerous advanced class certificates. She adheres to strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines set by OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standards for your health and well being. Both the hand tool and the cartridges for the Machine are sterile and one-time use. She is an lifetime member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), the largest non-profit association for this industry.

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Shaded or Powder Brows

Full Brows, MicroStroking

Natural Lash Enhancement

Eyeliner (both)

Eyeliner (top lid)

Eyeliner (bottom lid)

Blended Lip Liner

Natural Lip Color

Areola Repigmentation - Prices will be discussed at time of consultation.

Focus Session - (1 free within 4-8 weeks)

Color Boost or Color Refresh - Cost will be determined by age and condition of current permanent makeup.

Prices will be discussed at consultation" below the procedure list.


Natural Lash EnhancementCreates the illusion of a thicker set of lashes. Dark Pigment is blended into the lash line. This gives definition to the eyes, without looking like "eyeliner." You can always start off with a lash enhancement and add more liners at a later date. The conservative approach is always best.

Eyeliner A solid line, small dots or a soft "smudge look" can be achieved above the Lash Enhancement or alone.

Para-Medical Services

Areola Repigmentation. For clients who have had reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. Natural pigments add color to the areola. Prices discussed at time of consultation.


When designed properly, eyebrows balance, frame and define the face. Any woman who uses a eyebrow pencil will love having Permanent Makeup. Permanent Makeup can save 10 - 20 minutes every morning.

Powder Brows/ShadedSome brows just need a little help. Fill in sparse areas or add just a hint of background color to give your brows that polished look.

Powder Brows/Shaded Some brows just need a little help. Fill in sparse areas or add just a hint of background color to give your brows that polished look.

Full Brows/MicroStroking or Hairline This is a Total Brow Makeover. There are several methods available to create the perfect brow, including hair strokes, fill in method, light shading or a combination of all. The technique used will depend on the desired result. The goal is proper balance and symmetry creating a natural-looking brow.


Lip LinerLip Liner corrects asymmetry, adds definition and fullness. It can reshape your lips. The line can be applied lightly for a very natural look or more heavily for a dramatic look, depending on client’s desire.

Blended Lip Liner Best for those who want to outline definition for lips with no obvious borders. Color is blended softly into the lip.

Full Lip ColorCan be added to the second visit of the Blended Lip Liner to produce contour and highlights with Lipstick like color.

Natural Lip ColorA light transparent "tint" of pigment adds a little color and symmetry to pale lips - no heavy lines.


Focus SessionOriginal procedure includes initial visit and one Focus Session at no additional charge. The Focus Session, if needed, must be performed within 4 to 8 weeks of the initial application. It will focus on perfecting color and shape if required. Each person's skin heals differently. Sometimes additional pigment is needed to fill in areas that may not have taken well. If the follow-up appointment is missed, that visit will be forfeited and result in a charge for an additional visit.

Color Boost or Refresher Sessions (scheduled 2 - 10 years)Over time, color fades. There is no way around it. Refresh your faded color to keep it looking fresh. This is only for those with no color or major design changes. Additional focus visits are available upon request. This is exclusively for my clients and for the same procedure only. Color Refresher sessions for clients of other technicians will be discussed during the consultation to determine the fee.


• 48-hour advance notice is required if you must reschedule your appointment. Failure to do so will forfeit your touch-up visit.
• All fees are non-refundable
• Discount for more than one procedure.
• Prices subject to change